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The important information you’ll find in the Women’s Hair Growth Sessions will help you:
  • Discover the biggest health problems causing YOUR hair loss and how they start(Once you know what these are, you can also prevent hair loss in the future).
  • Understand why you are losing your hair, when women with similar problems aren’t.
  • Learn why you absolutely don’t need to use expensive, harmful methods to regrow your hair.
  • Find solutions that will help regulate and restore your body’s protective “hair-growth” hormones (These can also help improve your mood, weight, and energy levels).
  • Learn which nutrients can help reverse hair loss and other signs of premature aging.
  • …and many other answers you probably won’t hear from your doctor.


Here’s what’s inside your
DIGITAL hair rejuvenation package


11 Presentations

How the Right Foods Can Heal the Hormonal Problems Behind Female Hair Loss

Elizabeth BohamDr. Elizabeth Boham MD, RD

Dr. Boham unveils which dietary habits are causing you to lose your hair & gives alternatives to help promote balance and better hair growth.

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Getting On The Right Thyroid Supplement to Help You Regrow Your Hair

Janie BowthorpeJanie Bowthorpe, M.Ed.

How to get your thyroid supplement to finally work for you – and other hair loss fixes.

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How Vitamin K2 May Help You Re-Start Your Hair’s Growth (and Possibly Save Your Life)

Kate Rheaume-BleueDr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, ND

A vitamin that you are almost guaranteed to be deficient in, may be one of the most important keys to female hair regrowth, cancer prevention, as well as anti-aging.

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Fixing the Problem of Female Hair Loss (the Fun & Easy Way) By Improving Your Metabolism

Matt StoneMatt Stone, Health Researcher

Simple solutions for improving cellular energy metabolism to help rebuild hair and health.

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Reducing Bodily Stress Through Self-love, Self-care, and Healthy Food

Kate CallaghanKate Callaghan, nutritionist

Common female hormonal imbalances that contribute to hair loss are often the result of too much stress (and why recovery is definitely within your reach).

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Why Everyone With Hair Loss Should Pay Attention to Their Adrenal Health

Dr. James L. WilsonDr. James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD

The vital link between adrenal fatigue, hormonal balance, and hair growth and loss.

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Healing Your Digestion, Hair, and Hormones from Toxic Factors in Your Food and Environment

Tom MalterreTom Malterre MS, CN

Why many common disorders that cause hair loss start through gut problems

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Looking at Your Hair Loss From a Leading Trichologist’s Point of View

Sara G. AllisonSara G. Allison, RGN, MIT, WTS, EHRS

How to identify different “types” of hair loss by how they look to the naked eye (knowing these will help you identify your root cause)

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Why The Right Foods Will Help Your Hair More Than Any Supplement, Medication, or Fad Diet

Josh and Jeanne RubinJosh Rubin, OTR/L & Jeanne Rubin

The differences between “pro-hair” and “anti-hair” foods (and how to gently shift your body back into hormonal balance to raise metabolism).

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The Quality of Your Hair is a Reflection of Your Health and Lifestyle

Dr. Kari WilliamsDr. Kari Williams, PhD

Why Dr. Kari chooses holistic and homeopathic methods for hair loss over some of the popular solutions (and the #1 most important factor that makes or breaks your hair’s health).

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How the “DIG AT IT” Approach Stops Your Body From Attacking Your Thyroid and Hair

Dr. Izabella WentzDr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD

How to put the “safety lock” on your body’s autoimmunity triggers (making these simple changes may halt and possibly reverse years of thyroid damage).

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4 Bonuses

Thrivarian Slow Cooker Recipes (PDF)

  • Part recipe booklet, part nutrition philosophy
  • 40 delicious and nutritious stress-busting recipes (all gluten-free and grain-free)
  • Everyone will want seconds (and thirds).
  • Table of Contents: fully clickable, each recipe listed
  • Why sugar is great in times of stress and NOT the enemy some claim
  • Thought broths were just for flavor? Think again! (hint: they support your thyroid and gut health.) Not eating broth regularly? You may be accidentally sabotaging your body’s ability to heal itself properly.
  • How a weird and simple bag trick can be therapeutic and have antioxidant effects
  • Why your thyroid (the metabolism king) will love you for avoiding these fatty acids.
  • 14 easy de-stress tips you can use today
  • The signs of a healthy and poor metabolism you need to know (and how to measure your progress, including one controversial sign of a great metabolism)
  • Discover why gelatin is the nutritional powerhouse, gut healing, and de-stressor that nearly everybody doesn’t eat enough of (it goes great with meat dishes AND desserts)
  • 7 healing recipes in 5 minutes or less (if you have any time for these, you don’t have a pulse.)
  • And more
Effective Topicals eBook

  • 4 research-tested, non-minoxidil topicals that help your hair
  • The study done showing what Dr. Peat thinks the blood levels for prolactin should be for men and women who want healthy hair
  • The connection between excess prolactin, excess estrogen, excess cortisol, and hair loss and why you need to correct it immediately.
Metabolic Cheat Sheet

Are you missing out on thick, beautiful, fast-growing hair? Great hair is a good indicator of high metabolism – so is body warmth, high sex drive, and pain-free menstrual periods.

The first part of this cheat sheet is Matt Stone’s Metabolism Report Card, to let you know what you’re aiming for.

To help your metabolism make the grade, Matt has kindly shared a very powerful equation that drastically improves how your hair grows, and how you feel if practiced often enough.

And finally, a very simple and straight-forward metabolic diet from Dr. Ray Peat, PhD.

This 3 minute read lets you can develop goals for improved metabolism; gives you an idea of how to “eat for heat”; and shows you 8 foods that are protective to your metabolism.

Quick Start Guide

All the knowledge and wisdom of these 11 experts is distilled into these quick reads.

With only a couple of pages per talk, you’ll get the key points, along with the action steps – all from experts who believe in hair regrowth and have seen it happen.

If you’re like me, you want to head straight for the “solving it” section of the information on hair loss. Well, this entire guide gives you just that.

And if you’re busy, and you just want to know what you can do to help your hair NOW so you can get back to living your life? Then check out the Quick Start Guide – it was put made to help you.


Your Women’s Hair Growth Sessions (WHGS) Volume 1 Lifetime Access Pass Purchase is 100% Risk-Free with Our No-Questions-Asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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FAQs and Answers

Q1: I thought the WHGS was free? Why are you charging?
WHGS is 100% FREE for those who attend and watch when the event is live. Once the event is over the presentations can be accessed with your Lifetime Access Pass that can be purchased on this page.

Q2: What is the WHGS Lifetime Access Package?
The WHGS Lifetime Access Package gives you access to all the presentations and bonuses. This includes: Slides, Videos, MP3s, and Transcripts of all the presentations.

Q3: Can I access this from my iPhone/iPad or mobile device?
Yep! You can download them to whatever device you want or simply stream it for easy access

Q4: What happens if I miss that day’s event?
Once that session is concluded, it will be removed after the 48hr replay period, and the next set will appear on schedule. If you want them after the replay period, try out the WHGS lifetime access package on this page.

Q5: What file format is everything in?

  • 11 Videos: MP4
  • 11 Audios: MP3
  • 11 Slide presentations: PDF
  • 11 Interview Transcripts: PDF
  • 4 Bonuses: PDF

Q6: What if I’m unsatified?
Watch the presentations, apply the advice, and I think you’ll want to keep the sessions 😉

Simply put, if you’re unhappy with your investment in the WHGS Lifetime Access Package, you can contact us anytime within 60 days of your order receipt for a complete, no questions asked refund.

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NOTE: This is a digital product ONLY.It includes MP3s, MP4s (video), and PDFs.
After ordering, check your email (give it ~15 minutes) for the access password

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